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Networking, cocktail parties and business lunches are an important part of our everyday working life. Being at ease in these situations and behaving in the most appropriate manner doesn’t always come easily to everyone. It pays to perfect some of these social skills if you’re looking to get ahead in your career.

The way we present ourselves especially in social situations says a lot about us. We may come across as insecure or lacking in confidence if we bumble through introductions at a networking event. Our lack of table manners could raise the eyebrows of the all-important client you’re trying to do business with. Perhaps having a few too many drinks at a networking function is not a good idea especially if you end up telling a client what you really think about him or her.

As business entrepreneurs, we’re busily attending functions, meetings and networking events to woo and win clients and customers. We’ve learned sales and negotiating skills to help secure business, proposal writing, marketing, publicity and a host of other “tools” to help us in our business life, but what about the softer skills or the intangible elements of the work relationship that may help us land the deal?

Personal public relations can go a long way toward achieving the success you desire in your business life. After all PR is really “relationships” with your “public”.

One way of achieving personal PR success is to be aware of appropriate business etiquette. Most of us learned basic table manners around the dining room table as we were growing up but with our modern take-away, fast food lifestyle, some of our earlier learning may have gone out the window. So let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts for acceptable behaviour at a business lunch.

* If you’re taking a client to lunch you pay – the one who is likely to benefit the most from the business should pay. Leave your credit card with the cashier beforehand or politely excuse yourself before the end of the meal and settle the bill.

*Shaking hands is the accepted greeting. If it’s a male/female lunch avoid the kiss on the cheek unless you know each other very well. It’s best to keep the relationship business like.

*Recommend the restaurant and if possible book a table in a good position – away from the kitchen or restrooms. Have the client in the best seat facing into the restaurant or toward the view.

*Recommend food choices you may have had previously and perhaps something that may be expensive on the menu so they feel comfortable with that choice. Be guided by their choices. For example don’t order dessert if they are not having it and expect them to wait while you finish off a piece of chocolate cake.

*Don’t get drunk or drink too much. Also don’t smoke if your client doesn’t.

*Don’t wave your knife and fork around like a conductor, or use the wrong utensils. Your bread & butter plate will be on the left while your wineglass will be on the right near the tip of your knife. Observe basic good manners, such as not talking with your mouth full!

*Start the lunch off with some small talk first. Although you are there to discuss business, bring it up after eating the entree.

The idea of a business lunch is to build rapport and a relationship with your client. It’s not so much about the food or wine but more about making them feel happy and comfortable with the time they’ve spent with you.

The Gentleman’s Guide To Business Etiquette

The essence of business etiquette is all about social interaction and building up relationships with people. When moving in the world of business, it is the people that you have influenced that can mean the difference between success and failure, so by maintaining a good social network you are simply maximizing your business potential. Creating a comfort zone around yourself through effectivepresentation and making the people around you feel comfortable will undoubtedly lead to mutual trust which will help you market yourself better. In order to improve your business etiquette, you need to work on two things that are dependent upon your self-conduct: you need to minimize misunderstandings and always considr the interests and feelings of other.

The nuances of business etiquette vary from place to place, so the international business person needs to learn the customs of each country he does business in. To help in this regard, here is the gentleman’s guide of the basics that apply to all countries that should help smooth your way forward and enable you to conduct business with a modicum of decorum, no matter what situation or country you find yourself in.


The way you conduct and carry yourself will tell the people you deal with the kind of character you possess and will most likely influence whether they trust you enough to form a business relationship with you. Therefore, you need to foster positive traits within yourself in order to promote better business.


If you have a reputation for achieving what you say you will, it will demonstrate your integrity, which is one of the key things that all successful businesses require. However, be mindful of the speed with which a good reputation is tarnished or lost and be sure to put energy into maintaining it at all times. By knowing the particular peculiarities by which a country does business, you can anticipate the requirements that they would need and be able to forge better agreements and contracts.


Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you think before you speak. Nothing can be more devastating to a business venture than a thoughtless word. Be careful and consider the amifications of all your actions to avoid disaster.


First impressions are always the most important and dressing appropriately is a great way to leave a good first impression. By presenting yourself appropriately, you show that you are conscious of the importance of image – something that most businesses are interested in. It will also raise you above the crowd if you are one of the few who knows how to market themselves properly. Business etiquette will teach you what you need to do and what you need to avoid in social situations.

Importance Of Good Business Etiquettes

Etiquette is a very important factor in determining the success or failure of a business or a person; here are a few Tips on Business etiquettes. Etiquette is the way a person presents himself to others, being comfortable and making other people around comfortable.

Good Business Etiquettes Recipe to Success
It is very important to practice good manners and etiquettes in order to succeed in your business, be liked by people and maintain good relationships with clients, customers and employees.

When you do not practice good etiquette intentionally or unintentionally, you are bound to face lot of obstacles on the path to success. But if a person is generally considerate and attentive to the needs of those who work for him/her by following the basic rules of etiquette, he/she will definitely be successful in any venture.

It is easier to make money than to earn respect and accolade from people who know and interact with you like colleagues and employees. Life will definitely be easier if you follow the following Tips on Business etiquettes.

Make sure to treat each person you interact with such as a secretary or a janitor, no matter what his or her position in the corporation, with respect and make it a rule to be pleasant to everybody no matter what the situation is.

Let people know that you appreciate what they do which will boost morale and improve work quality.

Keep records of people who matter to you and acknowledge if they receive a promotion and wish them on their birthdays.

When organizing meetings make sure that all the participants know about the schedule, the objective of the meeting, matter that is to be discussed and the expected duration of the meeting.

Distribution of minutes and summaries of meetings and thanking each participant after meetings is a basic courtesy.

Always return calls, if you are unable to answer have a polite message on the answering machine that will be returned at the earliest. Never be rude or impatient with anyone on the phone.

Never make anyone wait, be it an employee or employer, or a business acquaintance. Never be late for a meeting or for work.

Dress is also a very important aspect in maintaining good business etiquette. Businessmen have to appear impeccably groomed

Women have to dress appropriately and take care that they do not give a wrong impression to their colleagues. Proper care taken can avert a lot of embarrassment.

Make sure your employees practice good etiquettes to customers and to each other to be able to work in a friction free atmosphere. Smiling courteous service will definitely help improve business and make a customer become regular.

Tips on Business etiquettes while traveling to a foreign place:

1.Make sure you learn all you can about their customs and be aware of social no no’s, if there are any

2.While giving gifts make sure that it is appropriate and not a social taboo in their part of the world.

Practicing and following the Tips on Business etiquettes will have a remarkable effect in improving business and build contacts necessary for your business.